Your dog: our best friend!

Yep, that’s our motto. There is one thing we both share: a total, potty love for our dogs. So, it’s your dog, but it is our best friend too!

We created Bella & Duke to do one thing: help you make your dogs and cats as healthy and happy as possible.

Mark & Tony explain why

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Who we are

Mark & Tony

德国赛车We’re Mark and Tony and a few years ago we lost our dogs to cancer. After researching potential cures online, we discovered that the processed food our dogs had eaten their whole lives may have actually caused their illness.

德国赛车We decided something had to be done to educate other dog owners and protect their pets before it was too late.

So we rolled up our sleeves, dug into natural dog diets and started making the best raw dog food available anywhere in the country.

A year and a half later, we deliver food all around the UK, made in our own kitchen to recipes developed with animal nutritionists and checked by vets. Some of our customer simply buy the food because they want their pets to eat the best food, for others our food has changed their dogs lives. 

Raw Dog Food

What we Do

德国赛车There’s so much new scientific evidence coming out that contradicts what we’ve been told about what is healthy and what is not.

We promise to stay at the cutting edge of nutrition and continue developing our food so it is as good as it possibly can be. We will never add something to our meals because it might be a good idea and guarantee that every single ingredient we add to our food provides a real benefit to your dog’s health.

Part of this improvement process involves listening to you, our customers.

We want you to join our Bella & Duke Pack and tell us all about where we’re doing well and where we need to improve. Together we can create a new food that will keep your four-legged friend healthy and ensure you can stay together for as long as possible!

Meet us

Mark Scott

Mark Scott

CEO & Founder

德国赛车Keeps our merry pack on the leash



COO & Founder

德国赛车Tony sources all our ingredients and makes sure that every meal is perfect


Rowan Sanderson


德国赛车Part scientist, part nutritionist, and all parts charisma and enthusiasm. Rowan is the geek behind the meals.


Caroline Spencer


It takes Caroline all of five minutes to cure a fussy dog. Why? Because, Caroline understands dogs.

Rhiannon Bio Pic

Rhiannon Thomas

Agility Champion

Psychologist by day, Agility champion by night, There's no trick Rhiannon can't teach her dogs Sully & Otis