14 Year Old Jack Russel’s Astonishing Improvement

Senior Buddy

Buddy is a 14-year-old senior Jack Russell. Up until 3 months ago, he was struggling to walk and seemed in a lot of pain in his joints. He had been diagnosed with Arthritis, was very lame and struggled to stand after he had been resting. This is his story about his remarkable improvement on a Bella & Duke diet.

Poor quality of life

德国赛车Buddy’s much-loved walks were now a slow 10 minute plod around the block. Even the medication and pain killers prescribed from the vet didn’t seem to make much difference.

On top of the joint issues, Buddy also suffered with seizures , was not enthusiastic about food or walks, and generally seemed quite a sad miserable little lad.

Lindsay, Buddy’s mum, was beginning to think that he was near his end of life. All his spark had gone, his usual friendly, happy demeanour had faded and his quality of life was poor.

A potential solution emerges

德国赛车Lindsay found out about Bella & Duke via an advert on Facebook. She was impressed by all the feedback and reviews from happy pet parents. It didn’t take long before she decided to try Buddy on a new raw diet.

As Buddy was nearly 14, Linsday selected the Superfood Enriched Range which is formulated for dogs like Buddy, who need that extra nutritional and antioxidant support.

Remarkable results after switching

Here’s what Lindsay had to say after switching

Within 2 weeks I saw a huge difference in Buddy. He was much more mobile, his stiffness had decreased and his spark was starting to come back.

德国赛车By 4 weeks it was like I had my Old Buddy back. No more lameness, he could manage a good half hour off the lead walk with plenty of running around and his zest for life and excitement for his walks was so happy to see.

He also loves his food and can’t wait for feeding time, following me around continually he loves it that much, which previously on his kibble he used to just graze.

Buddy snoozing after a long walk

Lindsay managed to reduce his pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication. She was also happy to see that his usual doggy smell had disappeared, with less moulting and much better smaller formed stools.德国赛车 Buddy can now manage an energetic 6-mile walk without issues, and more importantly, isn’t stiff and lame the following day.

Lindsay has now cancelled her monthly vet insurance pack at the vets, and with that and what she has saved on his medication has been able to continue with his Bella and Duke enriched raw food and some supplements. To date Buddy also has not had any further seizures.

德国赛车Lindsay commented

I’ve told everyone about Bella & Duke, and their amazing food, and if it gives Buddy a few more happy years then you just cannot put a price on that!

Thank you Lindsay for sharing this lovely story

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