Are Our Dogs Eating Junk Food?


Dog obesity levels in the UK are now higher than ever, with the PDSA stating “vets and vet nurses estimated that 46% of the dogs they see in their practice each week are overweight or obese”. We want to reverse this shocking statistic with our Obesity Drive. 

We ran a survey recently which revealed that 77% of pet owners that have fed their dogs highly processed pet food don’t know the nutritional value of what they’ve been feeding their pets. 

So what exactly is in highly processed dry dog food and why might it be linked to high numbers of obese and overweight dogs? 

What is actually in highly processed dog food?

Many standard processed dry dog food contains ingredients your dog is not built to digest either efficiently or healthily.

– Animal derivatives and meat meal, low quality cuts of meat (including …..) which have been exposed to high cooking temperatures and pressures thus removing all the nutritional value.

– Carbohydrate fillers like potato and rice which are a rich source of sugars when broken down.

– Low quality sources of Omega 3 oils which are either oxidised after processing or turn rancid on the shelf.

Carbohydrate fillers particularly, found in many highly processed dog foods, are an ingredient to be avoided in your dog’s diet. Your dog’s system will process carbohydrates as sugar, something that Dr Barbara Royal attributes the rising number of overweight and obese dogs to.

“The obesity thing? It’s the carbs. It’s all about the carbs.”

Dr Barbara Royal

Watch Dr Barbara explain in this short video – 

Comparing carbs in dog food with high street human fast food

With the astonishing levels of carbs present in highly processed dog food, let’s compare consumption with the equivalent levels in human fast food, based on carbs alone. Let’s assume your dog eats 2 bowls of kibble per day.


A dog’s daily quota of processed dog food is the carbohydrate equivalent to your dog eating more than a 12” pizza per day (10 slices). 


A dog’s daily quota of processed dog food is the carbohydrates equivalent to eating over 4 cartons of chips per day.


A dog’s daily quota of processed dog food is the carbohydrates equivalent to eating over 7 doughnuts per day 

What can we do right?

Dog food should help your dog live a long, happy, healthy life. That is done through ensuring your dog’s food only contains ingredients they are biologically able to digest. Primarily high quality cuts of meat for protein, with select veg, berries for their antioxidant benefits and a high quality source of Omega 3 fats.

Our natural raw dog food contains food your dog has evolved to digest. We will only include an ingredient if it improves the nutritional value of our meals. 

In a recent survey of Bella & Duke customers, 85% of dog owners with obese or overweight dogs noticed an improvement in their pet’s weight after switching to a Bella & Duke diet.

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