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Our weekly round-up for the week 5th – 11th October 2020. This week, we spoke to Dr Brendan Clarke, who covers everything you need to know about vaccinating your dog – including when to vaccinate1

Our Canine Behaviourist Caroline Spencer gives her tips for a natural way to feed your dog, and Chief Nutritional Officer Rowan Sanderson continues his Can my dog eat …? series, chatting about the benefits of strawberries.

德国赛车Our favourite photographer shares her mobile phone tricks for getting the perfect picture, and we have a lovely story about a senior dog called Buddy.

Vaccinating your dog – The essentials revealed!

Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke, President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) to discuss all things vaccination for your dog.

Revealed!  The natural way to feed your dog!

In this weeks episode of Why Does My Dog Do That, Natural Canine Behaviourist Caroline Spencer reveals her fuss free ways to get your dog eating well!

3 mobile phone tricks for the perfect picture of your pet

pet photography tips

We all love getting that perfect, Instagram ready photo of our dog when we’re out for a walk! :camera_with_flash:

德国赛车In the second video of the series, photographer Gil Murray gives her top 3 tips for the perfect mobile phone pics!

Product highlight – Chicken Fillet

Our Chicken Fillets are enhanced with natural vegetable glycerin to give them a chewy consistency, which your dog will love! Great training treat for recall.

The dynamic fillet shape allows you to tailor this treat to your dog’s requirements, they can be easily broken into smaller pieces or kept whole.

德国赛车As always, there are no hidden additives or preservatives!

Customer highlight – Buddy

德国赛车Buddy is a 14 year old senior Jack Russell.  Up until 3 months ago he was struggling to walk and seemed in a lot of pain in his joints. He had been diagnosed with Arthritis, was very lame and struggled to stand after he had been resting. His much loved walks were now a slow 10 min plod round the block and even the medication and pain killers prescribed from the vet didn’t seem to make much difference.

德国赛车Lindsay then saw a Bella&Duke advert on Facebook and was impressed by all their feedback and reviews and decided to try Buddy on a new raw diet.

Within 2 weeks I saw a huge difference in Buddy. He was much more mobile, his stiffness had decreased and his spark was starting to come back. By 4 weeks it was like i had my Old Buddy back. No more lameness, he could manage a good half hour off lead walk with plenty of running around and his zest for life and excitement for his walks was so happy to see. He also loves his food and can’t wait for feeding time, following me around continually he loves it that much , which previously on his kibble he used to just graze.

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