Raw Food Feeding Calculator

How much to feed & how much it costs per day

All customers want to know how much to feed their dog each day. There are many different factors so our raw food feeding calculator is based on rough averages and do not take account of your dog’s breed, age etc. Our feeding calculator is also specifically designed around our food and their calorie contents rather than standard dog food. If you would like to know the average weight for your dog’s breed we have a dog weight chart in our dog weight guide.

There is also a separate puppy feeding calculator below our adult calculator. (click here to skip down) Puppies have specific requirements based on age and weight so that the amount you feed each day changes as they grow older and they move to adult food. 

Our Adult Raw Feeding Calculator

Enter your dog’s weight. We have supplied some hints on standard breed weights. You may not know your dog’s weight so simply use the hints below to get a rough sense of what they weight. 

*The daily feed is an average for a dog of that size. The cost is based on a delivery of 12kg. Prices per kilo vary depending on chosen delivery size: the bigger the delivery the cheaper the kilo price.

Our Puppy feeding calculator

Puppies require different feed amounts depending on their age. Select weight and age and we display the feed volume per day. 

How to weigh your dog

You can simply wander into the vet practice and pop your dog onto their scales. You will get an accurate reading. If you want to do it at home, the best way is to stand on the scales without your dog and then stand on the scales with your dog and calculate the difference to get your dog weight. (Second weight - first weight = dog weight)

What is the average breed weight?

Breeds don't have a specific average weight. Males usually weight more than females and you might have a naturally small or large example of the breed. Read our guide how much should my dog weigh for more info

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