Raw Dog Food Complete | Premium

Our raw dog food Complete | Premium range gives your dog everything they need to stay fit and active.

Reduced lectins
No gluten
No grains
德国赛车 All meat is sourced from BRC Accredited human-grade factories in the UK, and all of our fruit and veg is sourced locally.

We mince all of our meals through a 10mm plate twice to grind down bones.
Part of our mission is to help dogs avoid food intolerance. We do this by mixing the proteins in our meals and offering a wide range of flavours to prevent intolerance occurring.
We believe many types of food sensitivities, allergies & intolerances are caused by feeding dogs the same protein every day. We also change our vegetables and berries each season to combat this.

If you are new to raw, learn more in our beginner’s guide to raw dog food


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