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Our Complete | Premium Puppy Range is designed to help your pup thrive, with a wide variety of natural proteins and a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals.

All meat is sourced from BRC Accredited human grade factories in the UK, and all of our fruit and veg is sourced locally.

Each meal contains raw meat, bone, and vegetables, which provides the ideal nutrition for a growing young dog.

A key element in our raw puppy food is to provide your dog with access to a wide range of proteins which reduce the likelihood of food intolerance. We believe food intolerance is created by feeding puppies the same protein every day.

德国赛车We mince all of our meals through a 10mm plate twice to grind down bones.

Head to our Raw Feeding Guide for Puppies德国赛车 for advice about:

  • How much to Feed
  • How to design your puppy’s new diet
  • The correct weight for your puppy

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