To optimum health & happiness & beyond!

and we help by making the most nutritious dog food on the planet

Our food is rated 98/100

We are the only frozen raw dog food rated 98/100 and one of only three dog foods in the UK rated 98 or above. We take the best ingredients we can find, sourced locally from suppliers we know. We blend them together in our kitchen following the latest nutritional science, freeze them immediately and then deliver them to you so you can feed them to your four legged friend. Cue a lot of wagging tails!

We focus on:

Excellent Ingredients

德国赛车Only sourced in the UK from suppliers we know and trust. We know that they are managed ethically and that all food comes from human-grade ingredients.

Nutritional Balance

德国赛车We don’t obsess about calories but about balance and bioavailability. Nothing in our food is there without good nutritional reasons.


Our ingredients are turned into meals and frozen inside 30 minutes. They arrive at your door and your dog’s stomach fresh without additives or any preservatives.

100% Nutritious Food

德国赛车We set out to make a food that was 100% nutritious. Yes, 100% nutritious. And a food that is 100% nutritious has no space for gluten-based fillers, an alphabet soup of preservatives and additives. Most pet food is heavily processed: it is boiled and stewed using ingredients from all over the world that are cheap. To make it even cheaper, it is filled with rice and grain fillers that not only have no benefit, they are actually harmful.

德国赛车We all know fresh food in the shops: it is either frozen or chilled. So why is all pet food in tins and sachets? We don’t eat biscuits every day, so why do we think that it will suit our dogs?

德国赛车Our food is designed to provide all the nutrients, all the vitamins and all the energy your dog needs, and the proof is in the pudding!

德国赛车Thousands of our customers have seen positive changes in these areas when they switched to raw. Their best friend sees changes in:

Rowan explains


What our members say:

Puppy Thriving

My 8 month labrador puppy is thriving on raw food supplied by Bella&Duke. The food always arrives on time still frozen . Notifications of payments and delivery dates are always given in plenty of time. Totally recommend their food. Looks good enough for us to eat?

Patricia Bacon
Finally, a food she eats

After struggling with finding a food that Nellie would eat, I came across Bella & Duke after researching raw food, and she absolutely loves it! She is now 9 months old and the perfect weight, glossy coat and happy and healthy! Delivery is always on time and when I have given them a call from time to time they could not have been more helpful. I would definitely recommend Bella & Duke.

Beverley Mole
Healthy at last

"Ivy has been on Bella and duke for over a week now, I use to feed her on kibble and tried a variety of different brands but she was never very good at eating! Last winter ivy got very poor at eating and due to her being so tiny and getting cold very easily she had low blood sugar level, had seizure and got very poorly:( Since ivy has been on Bella and duke she hasn?t skipped a meal and alway very excited when she sees me coming with her food!! I have also noticed a sudden change in her weight already she was before 1.6 kg and is now already 2kg, her coat is looking so lovely and thick! So I would like to say a huge thank you to the B&D team!"

Sydney Green
Less Poop!

Both my dog love it. They never leave any and toilet training a lot easier, less poops which do not smell and less wee as they don't need to drink as much . Cleaner all round. Great service as well

Linda McGuinness
Such a wonderful company

Firstly, the food is fantastic. My dog was weaned on their puppy food as recommended by the breeder. I had planned to switch her to dry food but once I saw the quality of Bella & Duke, I changed my mind. It is easy to use as it comes in 500g tubs so one tub lasts 2 meals for my 18kg dog. I just defrost overnight and then store in the fridge. No mess, no fuss, all recyclable. Secondly, amazing customer service. I am a first time dog owner. They have a dog behaviourist as well as a nutritionist and I got all sorts of advice via the B&D website and Facebook group. They sort out any little queries on the phone or email within minutes too. I honestly can't recommend the food or the company highly enough.

Michelle Shaw

How it works


Choose a meal type & box size to suit your dog’s individual requirements.

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Sit back, relax & enjoy regular free deliveries to your door using our Autoship system.


Defrost & serve your dog a delicious portion of raw. No preparation required.

No commitment necessary

Pause, cancel & restart your deliveries any time

How can we help your dog thrive?

德国赛车Many of our customers come to us looking for a solution. Read about how we solve specific problems.

德国赛车Find out about our special puppy food and how it helps to grow into big, healthy adult dogs

We help ageing dogs boost their health with our super nutritious raw dog food.

德国赛车If your dog is a fussy little blighter, our food might be just what you need.

See how a healthy diet can help your dog become calmer & better at retaining information

德国赛车Our food is the ideal platform for a weight management programme

Discover how our food can help your dog produce more manageable, less smelly poo

It’s easy to move your dog from Kibble and biscuit. Find out how to start.

The ideal diet to reduce pancreatic inflammation and improve your dog’s health

德国赛车Find out why Bella & Duke food helps dogs avoid leaky gut & itchy skin

For specific breeds


Our customer’s most frequent questions​

We deliver to your door. You will receive text messages from our courier (DPD) to tell when to expect them. If you are not available, they can leave them in a safe place for you. DPD give you delivery windows so you can organise around the delivery and you will receive a message to tell you when they a few minutes from the house.

德国赛车The food is packed in 100% recyclable boxes which stack easily in your freezer. We deliver in cardboard boxes packed with dry ice.

Store the food in the freezer and thaw in the fridge as you need it. We provide a feeding guide with your first delivery

德国赛车Deliveries across mainland UK are free. There are some charges for Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland. 

Of course you can. You simply login to your account and press the pause button. You un-pause and set a new delivery date when your dog needs more food.

德国赛车We don’t operate a subscription in the strict sense of the term: we don’t have minimum terms or contract obligations and all that tricky stuff. Instead, we make it easy for you by sending you food automatically at the end of the period so you never run out and your dog doesn’t get upset.

No. We don’t stock our food in shops for a variety of good reasons. Firstly, we don’t like the idea of the food sitting on shelves in shops losing freshness. Secondly, all the profit shops would expect would mean we either had to compromise on our ingredients or make it even more expensive.