Adult Raw Dog Food

德国赛车All 4 of our Adult Raw Dog Food ranges are lovingly and carefully designed to provide your dog everything they need for a longer, happier & healthier life.

德国赛车100% nutritious, 100% healthy, 100% natural ingredients with premium quality meats, bones and options including seasonal veg, berries and excellent quality essential fats.

Improve your best friend's health & happiness today

Improve your best friend's health & happiness today

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Adult raw dog food ranges

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Adult raw dog food guide

We have created this feeding guide to help you with raw feeding your adult dog. Discover the benefits of adult raw dog food, how simple it is to switch your dog to raw and what to expect on your raw journey.

How to switch to adult raw dog food

The Straight Swap

Keep it simple. This method works for 99% of dogs. Feed your dog the last meal of their old food the night before, leave it 12 hours & switch the following morning.

Phased feeding

99% of dogs will transition smoothly with a straight swap. For some dogs, with sensitive stomachs or health dispositions, a phased approach over 4 days may be better. 

The benefits of adult raw dog food

德国赛车Feeding raw to your dog ensures those all important proteins are healthily intact and much more bioavailable than processed food, which means more nutrient density for your pooch in every mouth full. 

德国赛车Here are some statistics from an August 2020 survey of 3,200 Bella & Duke customers

  • 92% of our happy customers reported that they saw improvements in their dog’s health and happiness within 8 weeks of switching to Bella & Duke
  • 99% of our happy customers reported that they saw improvements in their dog’s poo after switching
  • 德国赛车85% of our happy customers reported that they saw improvements in their dog’s weight after switching

What our customers say

Ronnie Boxer Dog pancreatitis Story

"Sam's 3 year old Boxer, Ronnie, began suffering from pancreatitis from 18 months old. After researching the best food to give her beloved Ronnie, Sam discovered the benefits raw food and was determined to make the change. Sam now feeds Ronnie the lowest fat Bella and Duke meals and chooses to keep treats and snacks to a minimum. Since Ronnie started on Bella & Duke he has had no bouts of pancreatitis, long may it continue!

Sydney Green

"My dogs love this food! Service, website, delivery excellent. Right portions, easy feeding. Love the new products I recommend this food to everyone I know. My friends dogs follow me home, and wait for a bowl of this food. My dog's skin is fab and shiny coats. My dog's allergies have cleared up. Great that containers are recyclable"

Lisa Parke

Why Bella & Duke?

Traceable ingredients

We work closely with all of our local UK suppliers to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are selected, so you and your companion can be assured of the best meal each and every time.

100% nutrition

Every natural ingredient we add to our meals has been selected because it improves the nutritional value of our food. We are aiming for 100% nutrition, to help your dog live their best life.

Unique ingredients

We are the first dog food company in the UK to use herring oil. Herring oil is more sustainable, smells less and is not as allergenic as other fish oils.

德国赛车Most dogs have never been exposed to herring or its oils. This means they are less likely to have developed any form of sensitivity or allergy to it.


With exemplary safety, sourcing, and preparation in place, you can sit back, relax and simply serve up the finest Adult Raw Dog Food available.

德国赛车All the hard work is handily taken care of and your dog is being looked after with every meal delivered to your door, as and when you need it.

德国赛车There is no minimum term subscription, you can pause or cancel at any time. We simply use an auto delivery service to ensure your dog’s food is as fresh as it can be. We don’t want your dog’s food sitting on a shelf for months before you feed them.

Healthy treats for your adult dog

Natural remedies for your adult dog

Mark Scott

I am one of the co-founders of Bella & Duke, I am not a vet or a nutritionist, I am however passionate about dogs and people and I have a lot of questions! These questions started me off on a journey to find out why so many cats and dogs are getting ill. I have fortunately met and teamed up with real experts who have the same passion and view on life as I do. This makes working with the team at Bella & Duke the most fulfilling and exciting thing I've done. The questions are sometimes more important than the answers.


  • How can you choose as to what meat to have as my dog does not eat fish or tripe?

    • Hi – as you go through the order process you’ll be asked twice if there is anything you want to exclude – once to exclude meals on the basis of taste, which will remove those specified meals from your order, and once on the basis of your dog being intolerant to a particular ingredient, which will exclude every meal containing that ingredient. Once your account is set up you can easily exclude any further meals you wish to by logging into your customer portal x

  • 德国赛车My dog needs a diet food , also she has a skin problem she constantly chews her feet , she is on Honeys raw feed at the moment.

    • 德国赛车Have you spoken to your vet re chewing her feet? Chewing feet can be due to environmental allergies, food allergies or neck pain so it’s worth having her checked. If she free from pain keep a note of her symptoms and severity as well as where she walked, what she ate (including any treats) if the house was cleaned and the products used, if her bedding was washed etc. See if you can identify any patterns. If she needs to lose weight feed her based on the weight she should be, rather than the weight she is and remember that recommended feeding amounts are only guidelines which should be adjusted to suit the individual dog so you may have to reduce the amount further for her – any reduction in food should be done gradually.


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