Dogs and Fireworks – 9 Tips to Calm Them Down

德国赛车Dogs and fireworks can be a disastrous mix. Caroline, our natural canine behaviourist, offers you 9 simple tips to help your dogs find peace during those noisy nights that light up the dark winter skies.

Does you need help to calm your dog down in other situations? Click below to read Caroline’s main guide

9 simple dogs and fireworks tips to help your dog

  • Walk before dark 
  • Provide a safe haven 
  • Shut your curtains
  • Play calming music 
  • Comfort your dog 
  • Calming dog clothing 
  • Use herbal calming sprays
  • Feed a natural diet 
  • Use calming chew treats

Dogs and fireworks tips – Caroline explains

Carolines simple dogs and fireworks tips

The time of your walk

德国赛车If your dog has an anxious temperament, aim to take your dog for a walk well before dark. The age-old practice of getting dogs to face their fears should be well and truly over.

Build a safe space

dogs and fireworks, make a safe space

Ensure your dog has a safe space they can retreat to when it all gets too much. A cover bed or crate with the door open are great options for this.

Sit by this space becoming a calm presence. If they want closeness to you at this time they will approach you in their own time.

Keep curtains closed

This helps in two ways, as mentioned before, when it comes to fireworks and dogs it isn’t just the loud noises. The flashes of the fireworks can stress out your dog too. Keeping the curtains closed can help to dampen the sound of the fireworks too.

Calming music

Play calm music for your dog during a fireworks display, I love the music by Lisa Spector, Through A Dogs Ear. more on how music can help your dog here

Be your dog’s rock

德国赛车If your dog wishes to be close to you. Massage your dog or hold them close. When your dog leans into you. Lean back into them. Be the support as opposed to the supported. Offer empathy as opposed to sympathy

Calming clothing for your dog

Do consider a comfort shirt, jumper, T touch wrap, or sleeve. Some dogs feel more secure with this additional comforting device.

Herbal calming sprays

Alongside behaviour modification, calming sprays ( To put on or near your dog’s bed) will help to keep your dog relaxed during stressful times. Our Herbal calming spray for dogs, Calm & Balmy德国赛车 is a great option.

Herbal calming spray for dogs balmy

Feed raw dog food

Feed nutritious, healthy raw dog food. A healthy diet can help to reduce stress pathways in the brain. Helping to calm your dog down in the long run.

Calming dog chews

Give your dog a tasty treat to help take their mind off the noises outside. Many dogs help relieve stress by chewing. Our natural chewing sticks, antlers or pizzles are an excellent option.

Our natural chewing sticks, perfect for dogs and fireworks

Paws For Thought

德国赛车“If you are looking for a long term solution for dogs and fireworks stress, become your dogs trusted friend throughout the year. One they can rely on to support them in their day to day lives.”

Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

Dog Calm with Fireworks
Find your inner calm and your dog will relax too

德国赛车Dogs and fireworks don’t always mix. It’s not just the loud noises from fireworks which invokes fear in your dog too. It is the sensation that reverberates through their body, the smell of fireworks, and burning bonfires that make them feel uneasy.

Below are some reasons why dogs are scared of fireworks

  • Our reaction and the reaction of other animals in your care
  • Sounds of deep booms and bangs to high pitched screamers
  • The unfamiliar smell of gunpowder
  • Tremors throughout the atmosphere and ground
  • Bright flashing lights
  • The smell of burning fires

Every dog is an individual. Within every breed and every litter, you will have an array of characters. Your dog may be more likely to be scared of fireworks depending on their character or personality, their genetic predisposition and past experiences.

德国赛车How your dog reacts to fireworks will depend on how much they trust those around them to offer appropriate support.

How your emotions can help your dog

德国赛车The goal here is to remain calm and unflustered yourself. Lay or sit down, be calm and still, concentrate on your breathing to help you find your deeper calm. Your dog will migrate to you as a source of calm. They may want to simply be near you or they may want an extra cuddle.

It’s so important to reiterate how you react and feel during these times has a huge bearing on how your puppy or dog reacts. If you are expecting a negative reaction you will get one.

Like anything, let’s be positive about anything new or different. Just because a friend’s dog or your last dog reacted badly to sights, sounds, smells, and vibrations won’t mean your present dog will. Be super relaxed and just take it as it comes with no preconceived ideas.

Ready to improve your bond with your dog?

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Caroline Spencer

Caroline is our resident behaviourist. She has spends thousands of hours with dogs and their parents working on help each relate better. Her goal is dog happiness and working with behaviour is only one piece of that mission. You will encounter Caroline talking around the country and on our facebook group working with customers and answering their questions.

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