How Much Should My Dog Weigh?

We always get asked how much should my dog weigh? A surprising 40% of dog owners do not know their dog’s weight or body condition score [1]

This guide with its dog weight chart and demonstration videos will help you to understand if your dog is at a healthy weight or if they could gain or lose some weight. We also discuss the role of a nutritious diet in helping your dog reach a healthy weight.

The perfect dog weight

Your dog’s weight will fluctuate dependent on season, stress levels and activity. Do be mindful to tailor their dietary intake to suit their own individual requirements. Our suggestion to feed your dog is 2% – 3% of their ideal body weight.

The perfect weight for each individual can be determined by sight and touch (see our demonstration video). Check your dog has a slight waist. You should be able to feel their ribs gently rippling under the palms of your hands, but they shouldn’t be visible. If you would like to know the average weight for your dog’s breed, see our dog weight chart at the bottom of this article. Here is a diagram to help you identify if your dog is a healthy weight:

Dog body composition

dog weight chart

Dog body composition explanation

If your dog is overweight you won’t be able to feel a ripple of ribs with a flat palm. If you can see the ribs, then your dog is underweight. Just be aware if you have a dog with thick hair that you may not see this, but if you’re snuggling and cuddling, then it will be very apparent.

How to check your dog’s body composition demonstration

Dr Brendan Clarke demonstrates an easy way to check your dog’s body condition score

How much should my dog weigh – By breed

Whatever breed of dog you have, from a giant breed to toy dogs, they all have their own ideal weight and they are not all the same breed standard. 

How much should my dog weigh – Mixed breeds

Many people have mixed breed dogs like the Labradoodle or Cockerpoo. The size of the poodle and other mix will determine the optimal size and weight of your dog. Weight is better judged by how they look and feel, as can be seen in the chart at the bottom of the article.

Wondering how much your dog should be eating? try our raw dog food feeding calculator

If your dog is overweight

If this page has answered your question how much should my dog weigh? and your dog is overweight, head to our dog weight loss guide for a 4 step plan.

Canine obesity is one of the biggest health risks facing dogs in the UK. According to a 2018 vets estimate that 46% of dogs in the UK are obese or overweight.

Obesity in your pet will lead to increased veterinary costs and decreased quality of life. Approximately one in three veterinary patients is considered overweight. In North America, obesity is the most common preventable disease in dogs. Approximately 25-30% of the general canine population is obese, with 40-45% of dogs aged 5-11 years old weighing in higher than normal.

Head to our guide obesity in dogs and get a simple 4 step plan to help your dog lose weight.

My dog is underweight

Dogs lose and gain weight depending on the season, gender, physical exercise, diet and illness.

When transitioning from a processed diet to a raw diet德国赛车, your dog will lose fluid weight, dependent on how your dog’s system has reacted to a highly-processed diet containing additives and preservative and loaded with carbohydrates. This will determine how much fluid their body has to offload.

Dogs who were previously fed a processed diet may have a thicker, more bloated appearance, or look and weigh seemingly normally. However, this may be due to water retention or inflammation, and not an actual true measure of body mass. If that’s the case, they may have been underweight, but inflammation or water retention made them look a ‘normal’ weight.

德国赛车Sometimes, a dog just needs a food they absolutely love – it is simple as that. Here is one story from a customer that shows the impact:

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Dog weight chart

Breed NameWeight (Kg)
Affenpinscher3 – 3.5
Afghan Hound20 – 27
Airedale Terrier18 – 29
Alaskan Malamute34 -39
American Cocker Spaniel11 – 14
Anatolian Shepherd Dog 41 – 64
Australian Cattle Dog15 – 22
Australian Silky Terrier4 – 5
Australian Terrier6.5 – 7
Azawakh15 – 25
Basenji9 – 12
Basset Fauve de Bretagne16 – 18
Basset Hound20 – 34
Bavarian Mountain Hound20 – 25
Beagle9 – 11
Beauceron30 – 45
Bedlington Terrier8 – 10
Bergamasco26 – 36
Bernese Mountain Dog40 – 55
Bichon Frise5 – 10
Bloodhound30 – 50
Bolognese 4 – 6
Border Collie 12 – 20
Border Terrier 5 – 7
Borzoi27 – 48
Boston Terrier4.5 – 11
Bouvier Des Flandres27 – 40
Boxer25 – 32
Bracco Italiano25 – 40
Braque D’Auvergne22 – 28
Briard23 – 41
Brittany Spaniel20 – 23
Bull Terrier22 – 38
Bulldog23 – 25
Bullmastiff41 – 59
Cairn Terrier6 – 7.5
Canaan Dog18 – 25
Canadian Eskimo Dog18 – 40
Catalan Sheepdog17 – 25
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel5.9 – 8.2
Cesky Terrier6 – 10
Chesapeake Bay Retriever25 – 36
Chinese Crested5.4 – 6
Chow Chow20 – 32
Clumber Spaniel25 – 34
Dalmatian16 -35
English Setter20 – 35
Field Spaniel18 – 25
German Longhaired Pointer30 – 35
Havanese4.5 – 7
Ibizan Hound20 – 29
Japanese Chin2 – 7
Keeshond15 – 20
Labrador Retriever28 – 36
Maltese0.9 – 3.5
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever17 – 23
Otterhound29 – 50
Pointer20 – 34
Rough Collie15 – 34
Saluki18 – 27
Tibetan Spaniel 4 – 7
Weimaraner25 – 37
Yorkshire Terrier3 – 3.5
Portuguese Podengo4 – 5
Pug6 – 9
Dandie Dinmont Terrier8 – 11
Irish Setter24 – 32
Wire Haired Dachshund9 – 12
Long Haired Dachshund9 – 12
Komondor36 – 61
Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla18 – 27
Italian Spinone29 – 39
Segugio Italiano20 – 23
Flat Coated Retriever25 – 36
Hungarian Puli10 – 15
Hovawart30 – 45
Newfoundland50 – 69
Lagotto Romagnolo11 – 16
Turkish Kangal Dog41 – 66
Korthals Griffon23 – 27
Curly Coated Retriever22.7 – 40.9
Norwegian Elkhound20 – 27
Welsh Springer Spaniel16 – 20
German Shorthaired Pointer20 – 32
Foxhound29 – 32
Hungarian Vizsla18 – 30
Kerry Blue Terrier10 – 15
Wire Fox Terrier6 – 9
Smooth Fox Terrier7 – 8
West Highland White Terrier6.8 – 9.1
Pharaoh Hound20 – 25
Irish Red & White Setter23 – 32
Sloughi18 – 29
Coton de Tulear5 – 6
Smooth Haired Dachshund9 – 12
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog48 – 64
Kooikerhondje 9 – 18
Entlebucher Mountain Dog25.5 – 30
English Cocker Spaniel13 – 14.5
Deerhound35 – 50
Norwich Terrier5 – 5.5
Miniature Smth Haired Dachshund3.6 – 5
English Springer Spaniel16 – 25
Gordon Setter20 – 36
Welsh Pembroke Corgi10 – 14
Welsh Cardigan Corgi11 – 17
Hungarian Kuvasz32 – 52
Scottish Terrier8.5 – 10.5
Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer25 – 35
Leonberger40 – 77
Golden Retriever27 – 34
Rottweiler35 – 60
Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund3.6 – 5
Miniature Long Haired Dachshund3.6 – 5
Russian Black Terrier45 – 60
St. Bernard64 – 120
Shih Tzu4 – 7.25
Finnish Spitz14 – 16
German Wirehaired Pointer20 – 34
Irish Wolfhound40 – 69
Portuguese Pointer16 – 27
Dogue de Bordeaux57 – 68
Greenland Dog27 – 47.5
Papillon 3 – 5
Sussex Spaniel16 – 20
Dobermann27 – 45
Welsh Terrier9 – 9.5
Pomeranian1.9 – 3.5
Shar Pei18 – 29
Tibetan Terrier8 -14
Eurasier18 – 32
Finnish Lapphund15 – 24
Polish Lowland Sheepdog14 – 23
Shetland Sheepdog6.4 – 12.3
Griffon Bruxellois3.2 – 5
Glen Of Imaal Terrier16 – 20
Irish Terrier13 – 15
Siberian Husky16 – 27
Poodle (Toy)3 – 6
Rhodesian Ridgeback30 – 35
Great Dane46 – 54
Samoyed16 – 30
Skye Terrier8.5 – 10.5
Smooth Collie18 – 29.5
French Bulldog11 – 12.5
Sealyham Terrier8 – 9
Miniature Pinscher4.5 -5
Large Munsterlander23 – 32
Lakeland Terrier7 – 8
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier14 – 20
Portuguese Water Dog16 – 25
Norfolk Terrier5 – 5.4
Cirneco Dell’Etna10 – 12
Whippet6 – 15
Footnotes & References:
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Rowan Sanderson


  • Hi.
    I have a 12mth old Cavapoochon bitch currently fed on B&D raw. She is fussy with her food at times and will not beaten if she doesn’t fancy what dished up to a point she will be sick….even if she had the first part or the tray the night before. This has been happening even before I have moved her from working puppy to working adult food too and she has loose stools as well now. Is the food too rich for her causing this? She weighs 9 kilos. How much should I feed her too. She is a good size. Not under or overweight but do you feel it may be better to feed once a day so that she has an appetite? So many questions but your help will be appreciated.
    Best regards

    • Hi there – at her weight and age she should be getting approx 225g per day – this is just a guideline though and she may need less than that. There are some great tips in this article for encouraging her to eat. There are lots of potential reasons for loose stools – from the recent hot weather, to a a tummy bug, Keep an eye on her and contact your vet if concerned. If you need any more help encouraging her to eat please email hello@0510hsw.com and we can put you in contact with our behaviourist, who can give you some great advice and support. x http://0510hsw.com/guide/dog-not-eating-8-methods-to-try/

    • Hi there – even within breeds there is a large range of ‘ideal’ weight – and this is even more so with cross breeds, like maltipoos – rather than focusing on numbers on scales, look at his body shape and condition – use the chart in the article. As long as he is the right weight for him, and has an ideal body score, it’s all good x

  • German Shepherd isn’t mentioned on your dog weight chart but Robbo is a perfect 44kg, according to our vet at The Willows.
    How much of your food should I give him per day?
    He’s a healthy 6yrs 11 months active dog.
    Also, should your food be defrosted in the fridge slowly or in a normal temperature, quickly?

    • For his age and weight he would require about 1100g per day (this is just a guideline and should be adjusted to suit – keep an eye on his body shape & condition and feed less or more as needed). You can leave a tub out of the fridge to defrost if needed, provided anything left over is put straight back into the fridge afterwards x

  • I have a 6 year old Maltipoo how much should she weigh? i think she’s about 8-9 pounds right now

    • 德国赛车With dogs like maltipoos, there is a big variation in what they weigh – judge based on her body shape and condition, rather than the number on the scales. There is a great video in the article explaining how to do this x


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