Puppy Toilet Training

Puppy toilet training takes time, patience & consistency. How long does it take to toilet train your puppy? How to best help your puppy become house trained? Here Caroline our behaviourist offers some advise to help you along.

德国赛车A knowledgeable breeder will have made great progress with toilet training their puppies. However things can change when you get your puppy home. Moving house is a huge deal away from all they have ever known.

5 Simple Tips To Toilet Train You Puppy

  1. Ensure you take your puppy out when it wakes up, after food and hourly in between, tailoring this to your individual dog’s needs.
  2. Reward with a warm, calm praise when it has done well and sometimes offer a treat.
  3. Praise is the best reward. A food treat every time may result in a pup that is always asking to go outside and do the pretend pee!) Be prepared to put up with the odd accident, as it is inevitably going to happen.
  4. Be aware of the signals your pup may need to relieve themselves. Some circle, some race about in a whirl. Some just squat and pee with little signs before hand
  5. Some people have had great success in teaching their pup to ring a bell to ask to go out

Toilet Training Puppy’s. How Long Does it Take?

Young pups do not have great bladder control and toilet training takes time, patience and lots of mops and buckets. It comes in time, and by 4 months you should be home and dry… so to speak! Accept there will be many accidents to clear up, especially come morning.

德国赛车So remember add a mop and bucket to your list of things to buy before you get your puppy!

Just like having a baby, it’s very exciting and then reality strikes. You need time to adjust, just as much as your puppy does. You will experience the reality of puppy toileting with wet floors, accidents, sleepless nights and worrying if you’re doing the right thing. You get conflicting advice from every angle but… breathe and take your time. It’s all going to be just fine.

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Puppy Toilet Training
Puppy Toilet Training Takes Longer For Some. Be Patient and Understanding

德国赛车Be calm and remember… slow and steady puppy education will bring countless benefits as they mature towards adulthood.

What To Do When Your Puppy Toilets in the Home

德国赛车Remember your pup is not naughty if they have an accident in the house. Like children it takes time and patience and bladder maturity.

  • Simply clean it up without a fuss.
  • Be quiet and avert your eye contact.
  • No anxiety on either side is the best result. It’s just a simple clean up.
  • Your puppy will learn in time that they get nothing when it happens in the house. They get praised only when they go to the toilet outside.

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Toilet Training Puppy Pads

德国赛车Puppy pads are a target for ripping up. They have chemicals in them to soak up pee and reduce smell. Because of this, it’s not ideal to use them. We need to encourage your little one to perform outside.

In the first week, at night, it may be worth just popping down a towel by the outside door for the odd accident. From then on, move the towel which has been urinated on, to the outside garden space. Your pup may gradually start to ask to go out. You’ll learn the signs when they need to pee etc. Keeping a mat or towel in the home will just encourage your little one to always go there.

The more relaxed about potty training you are, the quicker it comes. Pee and poop in the house is going to happen, but it can be over quickly if you train your puppy correctly.

Crates & Toilet Training Your New Puppy

德国赛车There is one school of thought where dog crates play no place in our world with dogs. The other school of thought is that we can’t do without them.

I believe there is a happy medium.  It is super for your dog or puppy to have their own space which they will happily come and go to, for example, a covered den where they can go to relax and sleep. So for me, it’s a space with an open door at all times. There is no need for crate training, as they will do it in their own time under no pressure. If you need to create a space during busy times of day where you can keep your little one, attach a couple of pen sections.

Do have a large crate with the door open and add pen sections to your pups covered bed space. When at home, it’s far more educational to have your pup free in your space to than exclude them with a crate. Importantly, they learn to relax in your presence without having to be penned up. If ever you need to shut the door in the future as at the vets or car, it will not be an issue.

Remember that, if we crate a dog, they can become anxious. They can’t pee or poop when nature calls and the crate becomes a negative experience for many in the long run. If you need a crate, buy the biggest crate your home can hold. It needs to be seen as their own hidey-hole and safe space.

puppy toilet training
A Happy, Relaxed Pup Will Toilet Train Better. Make a cozy Den For Your Puppy.

Relaxed Happy Pups Toilet Train Better. Crates Create Stress For Many Pups and Dogs

Most Puppy’s will not toilet in their crate. This however is a big problem. Puppies need choice and freedom to grow and learn at their pace. A confined puppy will become stressed if they cannot toilet.. If you have to mop your floor so be it, but give your puppy space. Toilet raining will come in time as it does all baby and young animals.

When we bring up pups, we have to give them choices. If you don’t try to crate train, the crate will not be an issue… it will just be a bed.By having a crate with the door open, it teaches the pup through adolescence to adulthood that it’s a good place to be. So when you then have to crate in the car, at the groomers or vets, they won’t see it as a big deal when you have to shut a door on them.

德国赛车Integrate your puppy, as opposed to isolating them behind bars. Help your puppy learn naturally an enjoy positive behaviour, rather than train out undesirable behaviours.

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Caroline Spencer

Caroline is our resident behaviourist. She has spends thousands of hours with dogs and their parents working on help each relate better. Her goal is dog happiness and working with behaviour is only one piece of that mission. You will encounter Caroline talking around the country and on our facebook group working with customers and answering their questions.

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