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We designed our raw puppy food to provide your little bundle of joy everything they need to become a beautiful, happy & healthy adult. If you are new to raw feeding, please read our raw feeding guide for puppies

We designed our raw puppy food to provide your little bundle of joy everything they need to become a beautiful, happy & healthy adult.

If you are new to raw feeding, please read our raw feeding guide for puppies

Raw puppy food calculator

How much does your pup weigh and how old are they?

Raw puppy food ranges

Raw feeding guide for puppies

Our feeding guide for puppies answers your questions about feeding raw puppy food. We talk you through how to switch your puppy over to a raw food diet, how much raw puppy food to feed, how often to feed and why a raw puppy food diet will help your puppy live a longer, happier & healthier life than on traditional processed food.

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About Bella & Duke raw puppy food

Natural nutrient dense raw protein for healthy muscle growth, the correct balance of calcium and phosphorus for their bone and joint development and all the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

德国赛车All of our ingredients are extra finely minced to make them even easier to digest and even more bioavailable. This means your puppy can absorb and assimilate more of the nutrients they require for healthy development. 

Our raw puppy food is designed to provide your puppy with all the nutrients they require to flourish and thrive. We deliver an easily digestible spectrum of protein, macro-nutrients & healthy fats, along with the required vitamins and minerals. These are found within the meat, offal, bone, vegetables, and select mixed berries (for their super-food qualities).

Keep it natural. Keep it simple. On a raw diet free from excessive or processed carbohydrates, your puppy is primed for success with healthy, sustainable growth. This translates to well-formed bones, joints and tendons and a happy developed brain.  

Can puppies eat raw dog food?

Probably the single biggest influence on your puppy’s long term health and happiness is diet. 德国赛车We believe our modern raw diet should play to the evolutionary ability of your puppy’s digestion whilst benefiting from the latest emerging science. We base our nutritional decisions on scientific developments and clinical evidence around how your puppy digests and develops. 

德国赛车This evolutionary science approach can boost your puppy’s health to cope with the rigours of a modern lifestyle, allowing it to thrive rather than merely survive. The following film explains everything you need to know about raw puppy food

The benefits of switching

Our puppy food reviews

Bryer raw puppy food review

So happy to find Bella & Duke she loves it, licks the plate clean and I love the small poos. Human and pup very happy.

12 August 2020

My 8 month labrador puppy is thriving on raw food supplied by Bella & Duke.The food always arrives on time still frozen . Notifications of payments and delivery dates are always given in plenty of time .Totally recommend their food . Looks good enough for us to eat?

Patricia Bacon
14 July 2019

After struggling with finding a food that Nellie would eat, I came across Bella&Duke after researching raw food, and she absolutely loves it! She is now 9 months old and the perfect weight, glossy coat and happy and healthy! Delivery is always on time and when I have given them a call from time to time they could not have been more helpful. I would definitely recommend Bella & Duke.

Beverley Mole
9th Feb 2019

My pup absolutely loves the raw food provided by Bella & Duke! Before when he was on dry kibble it would take him at least half a day to finish his 500g as he would nibble at it for 5 minutes at a time and not finish it till lunch time. Now that we have switched he is genuinely excited and happy the second he hears us open the fridge door and he sees on of the white containers. Not only that but he finishes his 500g portion of food in less than a minute and licks the bowl squeaky clean!

Menna Sohal
19 April 2018

Excellent variety of choice for our French Bulldog puppy. So far he loves them all. Hes been on B&D since we brought him home at 8weeks old, wouldnt have it any other way.

Kimberley Reed
21 July 2019

Straightforward from start to finish. Easy to work out how much our puppy needs per day. Perfect delivery service. Best of all, our puppy absolutely loves it and is thriving on it, thank you. "Takes about 18 seconds to eat, so a hit all round! Good variety to choose from."

Penny Bailey
19th May 2019

Very good service from Bella & Duke; easy to change timing, food arrived on time and my quite fussy and non-food orientated Beardie pup has at last found a raw complete food which she loves and finishes at every sitting!

Caroline Rigg
9th Feb 2018

"My puppy loves Bella & Duke. He's always excited for his dinner and since switching to raw has seen some big health changes. I wouldn't go back! I'm so glad to have found Bella & Duke. Their meals are high quality and their delivery is always faultless. I'm given plenty of warning when the food is going to arrive. Really can't recommend them enough!"

Laura Varley
2nd Sept 2018

Feeding raw puppy food - where to begin

We all want our pups to thrive, here are 3 key things to keep in mind as your puppy grows.

Keep feeding times relaxed. When you are relaxed, your puppy will be relaxed too! Find out more about creating a relaxed and calm environment around food.

Avoid processed food and carbohydrates which can promote excessive growth and lead to chronic inflammation see our article on inflammation

Monitor your puppy’s growth regularly. How much and often your pup needs to eat them will change quickly as they grow up.

Switching your puppy to a raw diet

If your puppy has been weaned onto a processed diet, whether kibble, tinned or other foods, you can transition them onto raw puppy food in a single step.

Scroll down to find out: How much to feed a puppy, how much your puppy should weigh and how often your puppy should eat.

德国赛车We recommend keeping switching your puppy to raw dog food simple and stress-free with a straight swap.

Feed your puppy their final meal of their current food the night before, whilst your puppy’s new food defrosts overnight. Begin feeding their new raw puppy food in the morning.

For those of you who are just beginning the weaning process, we have a great article about weaning puppies onto a Raw Diet.

The straight swap

Keep it simple. This method works for 99% of dogs. Feed your puppy the last meal of their old food the night before, leave it 12 hours & switch the following morning.

Phased feeding

德国赛车99% of puppies will transition smoothly with a straight swap. For some dogs, with sensitive stomachs or health dispositions, a phased approach over 4 days may be better. 

How much raw food to feed a puppy

Two of the most common questions new puppy owners have are how much raw food to feed their puppy each meal and how many times a day they should feed their puppy.

德国赛车Because every dog is an individual there is no definitive feeding guide for puppies, however, the energy requirements for a growing and developing puppy is approximately double the requirement for an adult dog. Just consider all that exploring, playing, nibbling, chewing, sleeping, snoring, dreaming…

We have made it simple for you to calculate with our Raw Dog Food Feeding Calculator.德国赛车 How much to feed your puppy is dependent on age and activity levels. This is a guideline for you to adapt whilst you monitor your puppy’s development.

德国赛车Our puppy food calculator is a guide only. You may need to feed more or less, depending on breed, environment, levels of activity and your puppy’s own unique metabolism.

How much should your puppy weigh

德国赛车A puppy at an ideal weight should be gently rounded without any visible ribs. They will have adequate body fat to protect themselves, but never so much that they struggle to be active. This additional body fat also acts as a reserve, should the ever encounter a period of upset stomach or vomiting. 

The latter is inevitable as they explore the environment around them with their mouths and establish what is "food’ and what is not and their immune systems learn and develop.. An approximate guideline for daily feeding amounts as a percentage of your puppy’s body weight is as follows:

0-4 months: 8%

4-6 months: 6-8%

6-9 months: 4%

9-12 months: 3%

12 months +: 2-3%


Weigh your puppy weekly

德国赛车Increase the amount you feed your pup according to their weight gain. Type your puppy’s new weight into your portal. It will automatically update the amount of food you should feed your puppy and show you the frequency of delivery. 

Find out what your dog’s ideal weight should be here

How often should you feed your puppy?

德国赛车Another question we often get asked is how many times a day should a puppy eat? We have broken this down for you below:

Puppies – 8 to 16 Weeks

We advise feeding your puppy four meals a day, splitting their raw food daily quota equally between each meal.

Puppies – 16 Weeks to 12 Months

For puppies moving through to adolescence, we advise feeding them three raw meals a day, splitting their daily quota accordingly.

Moving into Adulthood  – 12 to 18 Months

Dependent on the size of your puppy and your preference, feed two meals a day.

It is a myth that dogs must eat 2 meals a day, every day, find out more in our mythbuster video about mealtimes & frequency

When is a puppy an adult?

We advise you to keep your puppy on raw puppy food until they are approximately 12 months old.

There are several schools of thought on this… all with merit.  Many very successful breeders only ever feed raw adult food, whereas others are much more formulaic according to breed size. We have found that with raw food the exact timing is much less a concern than with processed foods.  

What makes raw puppy food different?

德国赛车Raw Puppy food contains a greater amount of calcium and phosphorus from natural healthy bones to ensure strong, sustained and measured skeletal development.

德国赛车Raw Puppy food is also finely minced too make it easier for those tiny mouths. 

The essential minerals in raw puppy food

Calcium and phosphorous德国赛车 are required in greater amounts than for a fully grown adult and are essential for bone formation. This is a topic of much debate. In fact, the one thing all forward-thinking vets who are advocates of raw feeding agree on, is that this is not an exact science.

德国赛车Whilst it is important to be aware of this, you can be confident that our puppy meals fall within all of the healthy encouraged guidelines.

Some of the concerns around mineral ratios, and when to transition on to adult food particularly with the larger breeds are much more relevant to processed dog foods.

Why so? Processed food tend to have poorer protein sources, such as peas and far greater carbohydrate content derived from either grains or grain alternatives. These may also be high in lectins. All of these elements can work in unison to promote excess unhealthy growth and inflammation. Vets question if this leads to unstable and unhealthy joints and even hypertrophy in the larger breeds. Learn why you should feed grain free dog food

Our raw puppy food is naturally low in carbohydrates (as dogs would eat naturally !) and very low in lectins (following the latest emerging science) to help avoid all of these potential puppy feeding pitfalls.

德国赛车To be super safe, always monitor your puppy’s growth and adjust how much you feed accordingly. 

If your puppy is not eating

In the vast majority of cases, your puppy will happily wolf their new raw dog food down without a moment’s hesitation. Some puppies may need some light encouragement when you switch their diet.

Try adding Bone Broth to their food to tantalise their senses. It smells irresistible to puppies and tastes even better or read more about fussy dogs in our fussy dog guide.

Vet advice & raw puppy food research

Raw puppy food research

Fewer itchy skin issues
德国赛车Thousands of customers have already told us and now the Scientists confirm it – Feed puppies Raw for less itchy skin! at Helsinki University has confirmed that mums and pups fed on raw have fewer issues with itchy skin than those fed on processed food! 

Useful External References


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  • 11 week old german shepherd, now eating supermarket puppy food, i have lots of raw frozen chicken mince (i think this is meat with bones), should just stop and start with raw or introduce slowly, say a teaspoon then tablespoon then egg cup size etc.


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