100% natural raw dog food

Delivered free to your door

100% Natural Raw Dog Food

Delivered free to your door

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Helping dogs to thrive

It’s our mission to help your pet achieve optimum health. We don’t just want your dog to survive; we want them to thrive – just like you do. In the western world, we are not short of high calorie foods but we are often starving in terms of nutrition.  

Our mission is very simple: to get as many dogs as possible off highly processed food and onto a species-specific diet, appropriate for today’s lifestyle.  

You are the hero here, we are just the guide. You make the decision on what your dog eats and just know that choosing Bella & Duke for your dog’s nutrition will make a huge contribution in helping your dog’s lifespan match their health span by being the best Raw Dog Food suppliers in the UK.

100% natural & nutritious

Our food is 100% natural. 

Using only the highest quality ingredients.

We create a delicious blend of high quality cuts of meat & bones as well as oils, antioxidants, herbs, seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries to help your dog thrive.

We pride ourselves on carefully sourcing the best ingredients from British & Irish farms. 

That’s why everything we include in our meals are Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved.

What our customers say



Reported an improvement in their dog’s poo


Reported health improvements within 8 weeks


Reported an improvement in their dog’s weight


Reported an improvement in itchy skin

*a survey of 3,154 Bella & Duke customers

What our vet friends say

“After years of veterinary practice and thousands of patients I believe a high quality complete balanced raw diet is the best for your pet"
Dr Wendy McGrandles

Our founders declare raw

We’re Mark and Tony and a few years ago we lost our dogs to cancer. After researching potential cures online, we discovered that the processed food our dogs had eaten their whole lives may have actually caused their illness.We decided something had to be done to educate other dog owners and protect their pets before it was too late.So we rolled up our sleeves, dug into natural dog diets and started making the best raw dog food available anywhere in the country.

Our weekly round-up

Bella & Duke are the leading Raw Dog Food Subscription company in the UK creating meal plans specific to your dog’s needs.  We will be launching our raw cat food subscription service very soon.