Raw Dog Food Ingredients

We explain what is in our raw dog food meals and why we add it. Each ingredient is designed to extend the value of our food. Nutrition is not just about calories. We are focused on optimum nutrition that not only provides for your dogs nutrition now but helps prevents future health issues.  We try to avoid adding suppliements into our food and allow nature to provide in it’s most natural state.

The Berries in raw dog food Ingredient


德国赛车Berries Raw Dog Food Ingredient Why do we have Berries in our raw dog food? They are full of antioxidant, berries are good for eyesight

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Pepper ingredient raw dog food

Black Pepper

Why we use black pepper in our raw dog food Black pepper has an active ingredient called Piperine, Piperine has been shown to work synergistically

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Bone Broth raw dog food Ingredient

Bone Broth

Bone broth for dogs – why we include it in our raw food Bone broth as an ingredient for dogs is bouncing with health benefits,

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Brocolli Ingredient raw dog food


There is a reason we add brocolli to our food. Find out from Rowan why we do Broccoli Raw Dog Food Ingredient Broccoli is a

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Carrots Raw Dogs Food Ingredient


德国赛车Rowan explains the benefits of carrots and why we add them to our dog food Carrots Raw Dog Food Ingredient We specifically include carrots in

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Ginger Ingredient


Check out the benefit of ginger in our food Ginger is a flowering plant that originated from China. Ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, and is closely

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green tripe ingredient

Green Tripe

Why we use green tripe rather than white tripe and what it has that makes it so special and valuable for dog nutrition.

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Kelp Ingredient


Rowan explains why kelp is such an incredible source of so many nutrients in one little portion

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