Our Nutrition Plan

Rowan explains the science behind our Bella & Duke meals.

We see our nutrition 德国赛车philosophy as both unique and driven by one key underlying motivation

To bring you the very best in nutrition. That’s it. Simple.

德国赛车How do we do this? We consult the latest research, speak with ground-breaking scientists and thought leading vets, look at clinical feedback and listen to the valuable feedback of our amazing customers. If you want to see us interviewing some of the best of the best in these fields then watch our podcast videos.

Right now we believe there is overwhelming evidence suggesting the very best nutrition for your pet is a raw diet that fits their evolutionary biology,  along with the addition of nutrient dense muscle and organ meats, quality ground bone and some select vegetables and fruits to bring soluble fibres for their gut micro-biome, vitamins and minerals with their natural co factors for optimal function and highly resilient immune system. We also further enhance your pet’s likelihood for a longer life with some select super-foods with potent antioxidant powers.

For those diehards who point out to us that dogs didn’t eat Spirulina in their evolutionary past we would kindly reply they didn’t evolve walking around at exhaust pipe level either. If we believe it will help your pet,  we include it in our meals.

As we learn more, and as the science evolve, so will our food. If we discover that sustain-ably harvested flamingo toenails, clipped gently and harvested seasonally will prolong your pets health, you can expect to find them in your next delivery.

德国赛车We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to. We want to revolutionise the way we treat our pets’ nutrition . Every cell in your pets body is made from the food they eat and the water they drink, so let’s put the best we can in to get the best out.

德国赛车Much of our thinking about pet health has been driven by new evidence arising in human nutrition, most especially research into “blue zones” and longevity. That research has provided compelling evidence that many human illnesses are vitalised by poor diet and is proving the impact that bad diet has on the human microbiome – the bacteria that live inside our guts.

德国赛车Blue zone research has demonstrated that old age does not have to be a time of physical and mental decline. All blue zone seniors seem to have benefited from a lifetime of excellent diet and physical exercise.

德国赛车Our credo is that pet health spans can match their life-spans. That means that your pet is happy and healthy to the end of their natural lives.  That is the essence of our mission.