Raw makes your dog aggressive?! – Mythbuster 12

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Podcast-90-raw makes dogs aggressive

德国赛车In this mythbuster Rowan and Dr Brendan Clarke explore and bust the myth that “raw feeding makes dogs aggressive”. Many people are put off trying raw dog food because they think their dog will become more ‘wolf-like’ and dangerous because they are eating similar food.

德国赛车Dr Brendan explains that when it comes to aggression in dogs there are lots of factors at play. In his view, you should consider more ‘how’ you feed your dog rather than ‘what’ you feed a dog. How you feed your dog can play an important role in making a dog aggressive.

If you make your dog sit for their meal or feed them somewhere they feel their food will be taken away, they may begin to show signs of food aggression. Learn about our natural canine behaviourists ‘natural feeding method’ in her guide for ‘dog’s not eating’.

Dogs thrive on protein and fats for their energy. Not the carbohydrates and preservatives found in highly processed food. Dr Brendan goes on to say that the preservatives, additives and colourants in highly processed food are more likely to make a dog ‘hyper’ than raw dog food. 

Rowan mentions a personal theory of his that kibble can actually make a dog more aggressive because the glutamate found in highly processed food (think MSG in a chinese takeaway) is a neuro-excitatory

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