Ditch The Itch Natural Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs

Relieve itching with this soothing herbal anti-itch spray.

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natural anti itch spray for dogs

Ingredients: Infusions of Red Clover, St John’s Wort, Valerian, Witchazel and Calendula, and Apis

A soothing topical spray to provide immediate relief to itchy skin.

Particularly well suited to:

  • Hot spots – both wet and dry
  • Obsessive-compulsive licking resulting in lick dermatitis (lick granulomas)
  • Dry scaly skin and cracked paws

Red Clover: Blood purifying and healing agents that provide symptomatic relief

Valerian: Sedative – works to break the cycle of itching and scratching and anxiety led obsessive behaviour

Witchhazel: Astringent, reducing weeping, irritation and inflammation; and creating a barrier against infection

Calendula: soothing, healing and antimicrobial (bacterial, viral, fungal and tumour); affinities with skin and mucous membranes

St Johns Wort: Wound healing (nerve damage) anti-inflammatory, also nervine elements (calming)

Cautions: Quite often there is an underlying cause to itchy. It is important to see if the owner can treat the cause as well as the symptoms.

Application: Apply directly to hot spots, or all over for very itchy skin. Suitable for cats

Product size

100ml bottle

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