Chicken Raw Dry Dog Food

Just raw ingredients dried and ready to eat! Keep in a cupboard as a back-up, or ideal for weekends away.

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Raw Dry Chicken

What Is Freeze Dried Raw Food?

The manufacturing process of raw dry dog food combines air and freeze-dried ingredients in a new process, preserving vital nutrients found directly in the source ingredients. Our Bella & Duke Raw Dry Dog Food gets by without additives at all – just the plain ingredients, dried and ready to eat!

How Much Do I Feed Per day?

For dogs of less than 15kg:德国赛车  1.3% of their body weight a day, therefore a 10kg dog would be fed 130g per day.

For dogs more than 15kg: A dog that is 15kg or heavier will need to be fed 0.8-1% of their body weight, so a 20kg dog would get between 160g and 200g per day, depending on how active they are and the age of the dog. 

Why the difference? Smaller dogs have a higher metabolism than large dogs and so burn through energy more rapidly.

德国赛车Note on puppies: we do not have a specific puppy version at the moment.

Why Is Raw Dry Dog Food so Good?

德国赛车Your dog is harmed not only by environmental factors, but increasingly by the ingredients in the food. The preservatives, additives and chemical residues often contained therein may be responsible for diseases such as tumours, kidney and liver damage, musculo-skeletal disorders, fertility disorders and allergies. We have therefore decided to completely avoid the addition of any additives into any of our raw dry dog foods.

The production process of raw dry dog food is different from all conventional “premium” dry foods available in the UK market. Instead of extruding the ingredients under high pressure and high temperatures (using something like a pressure cooker), they are dried in an elaborate and gentle air & freeze drying process.

德国赛车As a result of our unique air and freeze drying process all vital nutrients found directly in the source ingredients are retained through this new process. For the production of 1kg raw dry dog food, we use 4kg of Complete Plus to achieve this fantastic result, as the moisture is almost completely removed by the drying.

德国赛车In comparison to other foods, raw dry dog food relies exclusively on natural ingredients. In our raw dry dog food, you will only find fresh meat, bones and offal, vegetables, fruits and selected oils – we add nothing!

Raw Dry is so useful:

  • You can keep some in a ziplock when you are not going to back for dinner. Never feed your dog low quality food from another kitchen
  • Can double as quick snack treat
  • Lasts a long time. Unopened, the pack lasts 18 months, but once open we recommend 6/8 weeks. The pack is closable, but alternatively keep in an airtight container
Chicken Food UK | Raw Dry Dog Food | Dry Chicken | Bella and Duke

德国赛车Natural freeze dried raw chicken dog food, packed full of meat, bones and all the nutrients your dog needs to thrive. Order online at Bella & Duke today!

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