Raw cat food

Our range of raw cat food contains only the best, all-natural ingredients with zero hidden grains, fillers or any other of those hidden nasties.

Raw cat food

Our range of raw cat food contains only the best, all-natural ingredients with zero hidden grains, fillers or any other of those hidden nasties.

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Why Bella & Duke raw cat food

Combining evolution & science

We lovingly blend our raw cat foods in an approach which combines understanding what your cat has evolved to eat, boosting this with the latest science and focussing on the quality of each and every single ingredient. 

Feeding your cat our Raw Cat Food provides them with the types of meals their bodies have thrived on over thousands of generations.

It ensures your cat can absorb more of those all essential nutrients present in the food.

Premium, unprocessed protein

德国赛车Raw cat food also benefits your loveable feline companion with the natural healthy premium grade, unprocessed proteins which play an important role in health, immunity and ageing.

Free from fillers

Every single ingredient in our Raw Cat Food is included for a specific reason.

德国赛车No one single ingredient is added to bulk out, preserve the food or simply to plump profits. We want your cat to be as happy, healthy and nourished as possible.

Cats love toys
Raw Cat Food


A winning blend of organ and muscle meats deliver nutrient-dense healthy proteins, bursting with vitamins and minerals.

德国赛车A proprietorial bone broth adds palatability and full-spectrum essential amino acids for:

  • Joint protection
  • Glossier fur
  • Healthier skin

德国赛车Add to that the tantalising aromas. This is the cat food your feline companion has been dreaming of.  

How to switch to raw cat food

Please note that it is very important that a cat should never go without food for more than 12 hours, it can result in hepatic lipidosis. Whichever switching method you use, your cat will adapt quicker if their food is served at room temperature. They are used to eating live prey. Try using a flat plate to serve the food on rather than a bowl, this mimics natural feeding and keeps your cat’s peripherals clear.

Cats tend to be a little more particular in the way they transition foods than dogs. Some would say fussy. We call it particular and we love them all the more for it.  Our friendly raw feeding vets suggest that approximately 50% will do a straight swap and 50% will require a phased approach.

The straight swap

LP_Cats_Straight Switch-17

Keep it simple. Feed your cat the last meal of their old food the night before, leave it 12 hours & switch the following morning.

1 bowl method

icon_cat_1 bowl method-20

Take your cat’s existing old food and mix in a small percentage of the Bella & Duke Raw cat food. We recommend you start with 10%.

德国赛车Slowly increase this over 2 weeks until you have made a full transition. You may need to gently adjust this to a point where your cat will eat the food . Its best to avoid increasing too quickly with is method. 

2 bowl method

icon_cat_2 bowl method-20-21

Place 90% or thereabouts of what you would normally feed your cat in one bowl. 德国赛车In a second bowl place 10% of your new Bella & Duke raw cat food. Adjust the amounts daily as your cat adapts. 

In extreme cases of reluctance you may need to transition your cat from dry food to wet food, THEN to raw cat food. The transition from wet to “wet raw cat food” is easier for those “outlier” cats that are simply more stubborn than a donkey on a very hot day.

What to expect after switching

Detoxing - what to expect

Depending on what your cat was fed on previously, along with its own unique biology and any health challenges, it might experience mild detox symptoms. If that happens, we’ve got lots of helpful advice and top tips.

The top symptoms:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Bad Breath

These symptoms are probably some of the many reasons you are switching to raw cat food. 

Rest assured this is a natural part of switching from highly processed cat food, the symptoms shouldn’t last long. 


This can suddenly happen as your cat’s digestive tract gets used to the new, nutrient-dense, natural food. We believe it is down to 2 reasons –

  1. The previously fed processed food is much higher in sugar & starch which can feed certain bad bacteria.

    When these bacteria are ‘starved’ on the new raw diet, they die and release some of their own toxins, creating some discomfort while the dog expels them

  2. We suspect that it takes a little time for your cat to recalibrate its optimal stomach acid


德国赛车It’s the same story here as it is with diarrhoea. Methane-producing bad bacteria can slow the digestive time of your cat, especially as the bacteria die off.

Constipation can also be made worse as your cat moves from the ‘high filler content’ found in processed food, to a lower volume, nutrient-dense meal.  


This is far less dramatic than it sounds and happens rarely. Some vets suspect this is because cats are producing lots of stomach acid to digest their new raw meals. This will soon adjust.   

Bad Breath

德国赛车We know! We want this to go away as soon a possible too.

When your cat’s digestion is adapting, they can release some of the bad bacteria smells that are dying off via their breath.

This can also be because they are not yet producing enough stomach acid and food is fermenting rather than being digested. It should soon pass. 

Water consumption

德国赛车Cats are not great drinkers. They do not have a high thirst drive, they are desert dwellers and source most of their hydration from food, which is exactly why processed dry food is so ill suited to their physiology.

This can lead to chronic dehydration and urinary tract issues, among other ailments. On a moisture-rich raw diet, alongside a readily available bowl of water, they will easily consume enough water per day.


How much raw cat food to feed

We generally advise feeding your cat between 2-3% of its body weight daily.

Depending on your cat’s metabolism and activity levels, and where you live (cats in colder areas need more calories), we suggest you use this as a starting point and monitor your cat’s body composition.

Here is a list we’ve created to show you what 2.5% of your cat’s ideal  body weight is in grams: 

  • 1kg cat: ………25g a day 
  • 1.5kg cat: ……40g a day 
  • 2kg cat: ………50g a day 
  • 2.5kg cat: ……65g a day 
  • 3kg cat: ………75g a day 
  • 4kg cat: ………100g a day

Ideally we suggest three meals a day, so split their full daily quota accordingly.

raw cat food

How much raw cat food to feed a kitten

Raw Cat Food

Kittens can require up to need up to as much as 5 times more  food per grams of body weight as an adult cat, as they need more protein and fats to keep up with their rapid growth. 

You can see how much to feed your kitten by weighing them
and using our calculations below: 

  • Six to eight weeks: ………………..10% of body weight 
  • Two to four months: …………….8% of body weight 
  • Four to seven months: ………..5% of body weight 
  • Seven to 12 months: ……………3.5% of body weight 
  • Twelve months onwards: …….2.5% of body weight 

Below is a quick guide to feeding times: 

  • From weaning to four months: …….. feed them five times 
  • From four months: ……………………………. feed them four times 
  • From eight months: …………………………… feed them three times 
  • From 12 months: ……………………………….. feed them, ideally, three times

What is my cat's ideal weight?

Numbers can be misleading, especially when it comes to weight as a single number cannot show the difference between muscle and body fat.

Check the waist area and rib cage. Ideally, it should be slender and you should also be able to feel your cat’s ribs gently rippling under the palms of your hands.

  • If you can’t feel the ribs with a flat palm, your cat can healthily lose some body fat
  • If you can see the ribs, your cat could healthily gain some weight

You might not see the ribs if your cat has thick hair, but you’ll probably feel them when you’re cuddling, snuggling or playing together.

Rather than focusing on actual weight, it’s much simpler and more useful to check your cat’s body composition:

What our raw cat food customers say

Absolutely loves it

I started feeding Stuart Bella & Duke raw cat food when he was a 1 year old, he's 3 now. Over the last couple of years I have seen amazing improvements in his poo, his energy levels and his coat is absolutely stunning. His breath was horrible on 'standard' wet food, it's sooo much better on raw cat food!