Bella & Duke was founded on the principle of creating a really easy service for busy people who wanted to do right by their dog. We saw other subscription business in the dog food and human food sectors growing so it made total sense to develop a raw dog food subscription website.

Although we call it a subscription it’s not the same as say satellite tv or your energy company where you have to sign up to a minimum contract. Subscribing to our raw dog meals just means you get a regular order nutritious, healthy dog food on a regular basis.

德国赛车There are no minimum orders and you can pause or cancel your orders at any given time.

Why are you a raw dog food subscription business rather than eCommerce?

We do get asked why to we only do subscription and not have an eCommerce shop like everyone else? The answer is really in the question, then we would be like everyone else. We know every dog is different and many pet parents are not sure what their dog requires, our web platform can make suggestions based on the data you provide about your dog. Some dogs come to us pretty sick as they have been eating highly processed dog food which is harmful to them you only have to look at the scary reports that brings out about the health of our pets in the UK, makes for some grim reading.

The other reason we ask you to sign up to our raw dog food subscription is that it also allows us to plan and order top-quality ingredients which in turn secures our supply chain.

Raw Dog Food Subscription

Some of the common questions about the subscription service

We deliver to your door. You will receive text messages from our courier (DPD) to tell when to expect them. If you are not available, they can leave them in a safe place for you. DPD give you delivery windows so you can organise around the delivery and you will receive a message to tell you when they a few minutes from the house.

The food is packed in 100% recyclable boxes which stack easily in your freezer. We deliver in cardboard boxes packed with dry ice.

Store the food in the freezer and thaw in the fridge as you need it. We provide a feeding guide with your first delivery

Deliveries across mainland UK are free. There are some charges for Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland. 

德国赛车Of course you can. You simply login to your account and press the pause button. You un-pause and set a new delivery date when your dog needs more food.

德国赛车We don’t operate a subscription in the strict sense of the term: we don’t have minimum terms or contract obligations and all that tricky stuff. Instead, we make it easy for you by sending you food automatically at the end of the period so you never run out and your dog doesn’t get upset.

No. We don’t stock our food in shops for a variety of good reasons. Firstly, we don’t like the idea of the food sitting on shelves in shops losing freshness. Secondly, all the profit shops would expect would mean we either had to compromise on our ingredients or make it even more expensive.

Its really easy to manage your account and orders, however once you have set it up you just don’t need to worry about it as our website will send you your next delivery when its required.  Running a busy household is tough enough without having to worry about when the dog food is due.

Our raw dog food subscription also makes sure that there is plenty of different proteins which helps avoid food intolerences, which we have discussed in our help guide. 

We use great courier companies like who will give you a 1 hour window and will also leave it somewhere safe if you are not in.

Raw dog food delivered to your door

This short video shows how easy the delivery is of our raw dog food subscription.