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Give a dog something natural that their whole body has evolved to deal with for millions and millions of years and they will thrive but if you give them something unnatural, of course they get ill. The reason I kept on doing it is people consistently came back and said their dog was brighter. And the coat is probably the thing you see changing first.

Geoff Johnson


We know that in people, the more processed a food is, and the more of it is fed, the less likely it is to support optimal health in the short, medium and long term. This is the same for all species, including our pets. Raw food works both in theory, and also in practice as it has shown in millions of cases to make our pets obviously and measurably healthier.

Nick Thompson

BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVMS, VetMFHom, MRCVS

It has become clear to me: modern feeding methods have become an obstacle to cure. They need to be altered and raw feeding is the way dogs should be fed.

Peter Gregory

My raw fed patients on the whole have fewer skin and ear conditions, are less likely to have recurring gut issues and seldom have a weight problem.

Wendy McGrandles


We are driven by science..

Our nutritional philosophy is driven by the latest science. As a team, we are not wedded to preconceived notions of what is natural or any scientistic ideologies about what is right and wrong. We are not here to make a point. We are here to make dogs happy and healthy!

However, more and more science is telling us the same thing: dogs thrive on unprocessed food with ingredients that they are designed to eat. 

Bella & Duke will always stay ahead of the curve in terms of pet nutrition and wellness.  We totally geek out in the science so you don’t have to. We publish the interviews and podcasts we conduct with nutritionists and scientists around the world so that you can join us on our journey to making the best dog food in the world.

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